Best Gig Economy Jobs For Your Skills

The economy is growing rapidly. More and more people prefer work-at-home gigs compared to the typical office jobs. Some people prefer having gigs on the side for extra income, while there are people who do it as their main source of income.

Below are some of the best gig economy jobs with their estimated income per month.

Best Car-Related Gig Economy Jobs

If you have a car, then you are in luck. The most profitable and easiest gigs right now involve driving around, such as working for ride-sharing services apps or even simply renting your car.

Ride SharingAverage Income: $1,000

Everyone nowadays is familiar with the likes of Uber and Lyft, and with the increasing prices of getting your own car, ride-sharing services are here to stay.

If you don’t like doing the hard work and driving around, you can still use your car to earn money. You have to be careful to who you rent it to, and make sure that you have all the proper documents and insurance in case something goes wrong with your car.

Food DeliveryAverage Income: $600

Small restaurants are often wary about having their own delivery service. The costs of paying their drivers by the hour even if there’s no delivery plus the maintenance of vehicles are too costly compared to what they can earn through delivery services. This issue was quickly solved by various food delivery businesses that provide a quick solution for both these restaurants and their customers.

Talent-Based Gig Economy Jobs

If you have talent in creating any form of art, then you’re in luck. A lot of people nowadays prefer hiring independent artists. Even big companies often outsource jobs instead of creating a dedicated and costly creatives department.

BloggingAverage Income: $1,000 (Long Term)

There are tons of website tutorials online on how to start your own blog. Multiple platforms also allow you to create your own website with minimum costs and little knowledge about coding. Because of this, blogging is becoming one of the number one gigs someone can do in their own time.

You might think that there’s a lot of blogs online and you won’t succeed. But with the help of SEO techniques, you can increase your blog’s traffic to create a sizeable income through ads alone. Furthermore, you can also create merchandises that your readers can buy to further increase your income.

Content CreatorAverage Income: $3,951

Similar to blogging but through videos, people who enjoy sharing parts of their lives can now do so while earning money. This is best for extrovert people who don’t mind being in the spotlight and interacting with a lot of people.

You don’t even have to show your face if you want to be a private person. On Twitch, there’s a rise of people called VTubers who only use animated avatars to represent themselves during their streams.

Drawing CommissionsAverage Income: $5,000 (Long Term)

If you’re good with a pen and paper, then drawing for other people is definitely one of the gigs you can take. You can sign up on any freelancing website or simply create your own Twitter account where you can advertise your work.

Voiceover ArtistAverage Income: $5,334

Sometimes, you don’t even need anything aside from your voice and good recording equipment. Voiceover artists have been around for a long time, but recently, the demand grows big as advertising online has become much accessible to small business owners.

If you have a clear voice and good accent, buy a high-quality microphone set and you can start applying for voiceover artist jobs.

Computer ProgrammerAverage Income: $5,496

Whether you are just a college student still learning your first program or you’re a hobbyist who taught themselves how to code, you can always find a programming job online that will fit your requirements. You can even

Gig Economy Jobs for People with Zero Experience and Capital

The gigs mentioned above require money, talent, or both. But there’s still room for people in the gig economy for people who have neither.

Online Surveys

Believe it or not, simply answering online surveys gives you more money than you can expect. Since big businesses and companies rely on the market to create their products, they’re interested in the thoughts and opinions of their target audience.

If you fit the certain demographic that researchers need for their data, you can answer a short survey through various websites and earn money.

Buy and SellAverage Income: $1,000

You don’t need to painstakingly manufacture your own products to sell to people. All you need is a reliable supplier that can offer you cheap prices if you buy in bulk. There’s a lot of companies online that only sell their products in bulk. You can increase the prices for retail and earn easy cash.

You can even buy old furniture and repurpose them before selling them for a higher price. You can visit garage sales in your neighborhood or visit Craigslist online to find ads about things you can resell.

Babysitting or Pet SittingAverage Income: $500

A true classic in the gig economy, babysitting or pet sitting is still one of the best gigs to start with as a beginner. There are even apps specifically made for this type of gig now. Better yet, you can do this as a side hustle while you work your office job. However, if you prefer this job, you can do it full time.

Event StaffAverage Income: $300

When people host big events nearby, they often hire a staff to help them with menial tasks such as carrying the sound system equipment or even just checking the tickets at the entrance. It’s an easy odd job that you can do if you have the opportunity to. However, you have to take note that it might not be as consistent with income as the others mentioned above.

In Conclusion

The idea of being your own boss and choosing which clients you want is certainly appealing. Taking gigs is much less stressful than the usual jobs we’ve grown accustomed to. As long as you are smart with your finances and you always work hard to stay busy, you can do any of the gig economy jobs mentioned above for a living.